We are on the cusp of a huge change to how we produce and use energy. 

The digitalisation and electrification of our energy supply and the growing use of, and requirement for, renewables will bring unprecedented change, and transform how we all buy, use and interact with energy.

Smart meters in every property are essential to the realisation of a digitised grid, which in turn is fundamental to be able to bring benefits to consumers and businesses. These benefits may include dynamic and time of use tariffs, wider adoption of microgeneration solutions, automated home energy controls, seamless integration of electric vehicle charging, domestic energy storage, plus a potentially incalculable array of tailored new products and services to help every consumer lead a more energy efficient, safe and healthier life. 

Real-time smart meter data solutions

Chameleon’s smart in-home displays, data platform and cloud-connected solutions allow consumers to access their own real-time energy consumption and pricing data and turn this into insights and automated signals and controls, all of which can build towards a more and more intuitively connected home environment where energy optimisation is at the heart. 

Smart in-home displays

Chameleon's smart in-home displays are the most widely distributed in the UK. We have become the favoured partner to energy retailers who install our IHDs together with smart meters as part of their rollout obligations. Chameleon's IHDs provide real-time energy feedback in a simple, intuitive and user-friendly format. They allow users to see and understand when and how they use energy in the home, so they can keep track of what they are spending. Functionality can include budget setting, pre-payment, messaging and cloud connectivity.

I•VIE data platform

Chameleon's I•VIE data platform is a cloud-based solution built specifically to securely perform an ever-growing number of analytics based on a consumer's real-time energy data. Uniquely personalised insights gradually become more predictive and proactive as the machine learning capability of the platform takes effect. 

The rich, granular nature of real-time smart meter data makes it ideal for the application of IoT-based functionalities. Until the advent of smart metering this has never before been possible. Chameleon is at the forefront of this exciting consumer applications development and our I•VIE data platform will empower the new, engaged energy consumer with their own personal data to create insights that are unique to them. 

CAD Connectivity

A Consumer Access Device (CAD) is a cloud-connected gateway device that securely accesses real-time energy data from smart meters and sends that data to a designated cloud service. A CAD can be a stand alone device or its functionality can be embedded into another piece of hardware such as an appliance or an in-home display. Extracting the smart meter data that is vital to unlocking the benefits of the future, flexible, digital energy system is only possible with the installation of a CAD. 

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