About Chameleon Technology

Chameleon Technology (UK) Ltd was founded in 2010 by Gary Martin and Mike Woodhall to provide UK and international energy retailers with smart in-home energy monitors (in-home displays or IHDs) that easily and accurately evaluate energy consumption.

Today, Chameleon is known for inspiring and engaging IHD designs, award-winning technology, a simple yet intuitive user experience, technically robust performance, exceptional interoperability and significant Foundation deployment experience. Chameleon has been involved in the earliest deployment of smart metering systems in the UK, and has established itself as a trusted and reliable partner heading into the enduring phase of rollout.

Chameleon has been an early investor in the emerging market of the Connected Home. Chameleon’s Consumer Access Device (CAD) brings “intuitive optimisation” to the connected home. The abundance of rich data available from smart metering systems will provide a ground-breaking opportunity to build real intelligence into connected devices around the typical home. This is an opportunity that is open to all. With access to real time data via a Chameleon CAD, consumers’ connected home appliances become infinitely more useful and desirable.

Chameleon’s products represent the face of smart metering by the fact that the In-Home Display is the physical element of the system that the consumer interacts with. Consequently, user-centred design is at the heart of everything we do. For this reason we are very proud to have won the European Home Energy Monitor award three years running. Our first award in 2014 was for outstanding development and technical reliability and an Inclusive by Design focus. In 2015 our fresh approach to a practical and cost effective IHD solution for pre-payment customers resulted in Chameleon being presented with the award for the second successive year.  In 2016, Chameleon’s Accessible Device, designed for the UK’s millions of consumers who require inclusive features, was given the award for the 3rd successive year.

Proven Deployment Experience

A reliable and trusted partner

Chameleon has amassed significant experience during the Foundation period of the smart metering rollout within the UK market. It has used this period to develop, mature and scale manufacturing and supply chain processes. This real world deployment experience of compliant products has allowed Chameleon to put robust processes and policies in place to take account of every single aspect of the physical delivery of the product to the utility customer and end user.

Chameleon now has a highly capable manufacturing and supply chain solution. This allows it to deliver cost effective, high quality products on time and with full transparency and security.

Chameleon employs a “user-centred” design focus. Inspired by trends in interior, home electronics, automotive and other areas of design, but led by ongoing consumer feedback from real world experience, the design team explores what is useful, meaningful and desirable to the user to ultimately create a product experience that is simple, intuitive and helpful.

Chameleon’s software and hardware design is all created in-house, allowing for a fast response and development cycle. Chameleon also maintains an in-house testing function. The engineering team has close links with many of the leading meter manufacturers and has a strong technical reputation. It has extensive experience of integration and works closely with meter asset providers and utilities’ technical teams.

Chameleon’s IHDs are integrated with all leading global smart meter manufacturers utilising various open and proprietary radio protocols. Our expertise lies in the extraction and manipulation of smart metering data through which we have developed strong, collaborative relationships with other key stakeholders supplying assets within smart metering systems.

Our Policies

Chameleon Technology is committed to conducting business in a socially responsible, ethical, secure and transparent manner. The following policies detail Chameleon’s commitments and efforts to continually improve performance and practices in these areas.

Health & Safety Policy Download Here

Corporate Social Responsibility and Environment & Sustainability Policy Download Here