Chameleon Technology is a pioneer in smart energy technology, providing consumers with actionable energy insights, enabling low carbon technologies and optimising connected home solutions.

Chameleon has been helping people on the journey to a better understanding of their energy consumption since 2010. By securely accessing real-time energy data from smart meters, Chameleon provides feedback to consumers via smart In-Home Displays (IHDs) and cloud-connected devices.

Through the I•VIE cloud data platform and cloud-connected devices, Chameleon’s access to real-time data enables low carbon technologies, home energy management systems and smart home devices to provide maximum benefit to the consumer, the grid and the environment, within the rapidly evolving world of digitalised, decarbonised energy.

Chameleon Technology and IMServ develop Virtual Energy Manager App for Business Customers 

Chameleon Technology and energy data collection company IMServ have developed an energy management application that is available to small and medium businesses. The Virtual Energy Manager App (VEM) enables business owners and managers to instantly and easily see, understand and manage when, where and how their businesses use energy. 

Using real-time energy data to create solutions for the changing energy world

Chameleon's smart In-Home Displays, I•VIE data platform and cloud-connected devices allow consumers to understand their real-time energy consumption and manage their connected home. Its real-time data solutions can enable low carbon technologies and home energy management solutions to add value to and help build an intuitive, connected home environment. Chameleon’s solutions are interoperable with a wide range of technology environments and system architectures in the UK and across Europe. 

What our customers say

Chameleon’s understanding of how the customer uses an IHD, along with a flexible, reliable supply chain makes them an ideal partner for Utility Warehouse.
Ashton Berkhauer, Head of Energy Services & Operations, Utility Warehouse