Chameleon Technology is a pioneer in Energy IoT, providing consumers with actionable energy insights and intuitive connected home controls.

Chameleon has been helping people start the journey to a better understanding of their energy consumption since 2010. By securely accessing real-time energy data from smart meters, Chameleon provides feedback to consumers via smart in-home displays (IHDs) and other cloud-connected devices. 

Through the new I•VIE data platform, together with enhanced IHDs, home energy management interfaces and voice-enabled technology, Chameleon is now helping tomorrow’s energy consumer define how they can optimise their home and lifestyle within the rapidly evolving world of digitalised, decarbonised energy. 

The world of energy is changing

The growing need for renewables and the digitalisation of the energy system are changing how we all buy, use and interact with energy. Chameleon is focusing on how real-time energy data from smart meters is the key to unlocking the benefits of these changes for consumers and businesses. 

How can real-time energy data engage and support customers in vulnerable circumstances?

One of Chameleon's current areas of focus supporting government policy is helping to address issue faced by customers living in vulnerable circumstances. Chameleon believes that access to real time energy data can and should help all energy consumers manage their energy use and costs better, and enjoy the benefits of the digitalisation of energy. Discover how Chameleon is exploring how real-time data can help customers in vulnerable circumstances to lead better lives. 

Latest news & insights

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What our customers say

Chameleon’s understanding of how the customer uses an IHD, along with a flexible, reliable supply chain makes them an ideal partner for Utility Warehouse.
Ashton Berkhauer, Head of Energy Services & Operations, Utility Warehouse