Chameleon’s In-Home Displays access real-time energy data from smart meters.

Chameleon supplies IHDs to most UK utilities as a part of Great Britain’s smart meter rollout. We are the most widely selected, and therefore trusted partner across the energy retail market.

Chameleon’s award winning IHDs are borne of a user-centred design approach that blends prescriptive industry technical specifications with subtle aesthetics that combine to deliver an engaging and intuitive user experience. A number of model variants are available, both to provide utility customers with the ability to differentiate and also to ensure Chameleon’s IHDs can be enjoyed in all types of property, location and potential combination of meter solution to be chosen by each utility.

Chameleon is at the forefront of the latest developments within the industry. We were the first to deploy an integrated CAD-enabled version of the IHD. We are an industry testing partner for the crucial market-wide sub-GhZ solution to go live in late 2019. We are now pioneering the move towards consumer-led engagement in smart metering rollouts across other member states of the European Union.


IHD3 meets all of the minimum requirements laid down in industry specifications to provide users with an entry point to begin their journey towards positive engagement with their real-time energy consumption. It has been widely selected by many of our utility customers, because it is such a reliable and cost effective proposition, delivering all of the basic functionality together with high levels of customer satisfaction. 

The IHD3 range includes smart pre-payment functionality. Touch sensitive menu buttons make navigation simple and current and past energy usage is easily understood. Ambient lights prominently highlight instant electricity use. 


The IHD6-PPMID, Chameleon’s latest generation In-Home Display, provides all of the benefits and functionality of IHD3, but with the added benefit of having a highly flexible display solution. The 3.5” TFT touch screen interface and on-screen virtual keyboard make navigation simple and give users an even easier way to enter pre-payment top-up codes. The IHD6-CAD-PPMID is our most versatile and full featured IHD solution. It is gaining mass appeal within the market because it can be tailored to fit with each utility's individual brand and strategy for their rollout.