How we produce and use energy is changing

The digitalisation and electrification of our energy supply will change how we all buy, use and interact with energy. Chameleon Technology has developed a cloud solution to simplify the increasingly complex energy journey and ensure all energy customers benefit from new technology. “I•VIE” uses real-time smart meter data to help consumers understand and control their energy consumption in new ways, that have never before been possible until the advent of smart meters.

Chameleon’s data platform brings real-time data to the connected home

The I•VIE platform will securely access real-time smart meter data and use unique analytics to provide personalised and predictive insights and proactive suggestions, enabling energy customers to take control of their energy use and costs, but also access completely new products and services to facilitate safer, healthier and fairer living for all.

Using machine learning, over time, I•VIE will learn the user’s preferences, so insights become more and more personalised. I•VIE will integrate real-time smart meter data with home and lifestyle data to help consumers understand, manage and optimise their energy use and their home lifestyle and comfort.

Integrating smart meter data with home and lifestyle data

I•VIE will integrate real-time smart meter data with home and lifestyle data, such as calendars, smart appliances, EV, heating and micro-generation. Using automated controls and commands, along with continuous machine learning, I•VIE will determine how best to optimise and balance energy efficiency, comfort and cost based on the user’s preferences. It will create predictive, tailored and actionable insights and recommendations that enhance consumers’ lives.  

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