If you are experiencing a problem with your smart metering system that has resulted in problems with your Smart In-Home Display (IHD), try these fixes first, then read the Frequently Asked Questions following. If the problem continues, contact your energy supplier.

In-Home Display Problems: Things to Try First

  • Switch your display off, wait one minute, turn it back on
  • Plug in and charge your In-Home Display
  • Move your display closer to your smart meter, ideally within five metres

If the problem continues, try one of the ideas in our Frequently Asked Questions below or please contact your energy supplier.

User Guide for Your Smart In-Home Display

While the Chameleon Smart In-Home Display provided by energy suppliers may vary slightly in terms of available features and functions, the following videos give you a good understanding of how to use and get the most out of your Smart In-Home Display.

Be sure to choose the right video for your type of IHD.

Download Your Smart In-Home Display User Guide

Every energy supplier is obligated to provide you with a printed user guide at your smart meter installation. If you require another, you can download one here. Make sure you download the correct guide for your IHD. 

If the back of your device is black, you have an IHD3.

Download your IHD3 user guide here. 

If the back of your device is white and black, you have an IHD6.

Download your IHD6 user guide here. 

Always Contact Your Energy Supplier if IHD Problems Continue

Your smart metering system is a complex system of several parts, including the smart meter, the communications hub and the In-Home Display. As Chameleon Technology only provides the In-Home Display, and as each energy supplier has different smart metering equipment, solutions and policies, Chameleon Technology is not best placed or able to provide direct assistance to customers with In-Home Display issues. Only your energy supplier has access to all parts of your smart metering system and is able to advise the appropriate solution for you. You can find their contact details on your latest bill or correspondence, or find a list here

Please note that problems with your smart metering system including sending messages to your in-home display will not affect your energy supply or the accuracy of your bills.

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