“SmartThings Energy Control” brings energy data and smart home controls together in an easy to use App

Samsung and Bulb, together with Chameleon Technology, announced a new tool to help people understand their energy usage, and use this information to make smarter, greener decisions at home. “SmartThings Energy Control”, a simple, free to download service that runs off the SmartThings app, helps people with smart meters connect energy data and smart home controls. 

A huge leap forward for smart home technology

SmartThings Energy Control marks the start of a new era in home energy control. With SmartThings Energy Control, consumers will be able to view their energy usage on their smartphones in almost real-time and remotely control and schedule their smart appliances and tools.  This integration of real-time energy data from smart meters and smart home controls represents a huge leap forward for smart home technology and brings real-time energy consumption data into the smart home ecosystem.

SmartThings Energy Control provides control to all connected home appliances

With millions of SmartThings devices already in homes across the UK, and hundreds of compatible partners, SmartThings Energy Control is a natural next step for people looking for opportunities to make meaningful changes to how they use energy at home.  From making sure the lights are out when leaving home to scheduling the washing machine to run cooler with the Laundry Planner, the app makes it easy and more convenient to make a change for the better by adding control to all connected home appliances and tools. 

Chameleon’s data platform plays a key role in the realisation of the SmartThings Energy Control service

Chameleon Technology has created a cloud data platform to analyse, store and securely connect energy data from smart meters to a cloud service. This technology plays a key role in the realisation of the SmartThings Energy Control service. Chameleon’s smart cloud-connected In-Home Displays will securely extract home energy data from the smart meter and send it to the Chameleon cloud, where it will perform logic on that data and then enable the secure connection to the SmartThings Energy cloud. The data will then be displayed on the SmartThings app and users can make behaviour changes or issue instructions to any of their smart devices, such as choosing to run devices at a time when demand is less.

Integrating real-time energy data and smart home controls realises the full benefits of the digitalisation of energy

Integrating real-time home energy data from smart meters with smart home controls brings the full benefits of the digitalisation of energy and smart technologies to consumers in a useful and valuable way. This enables smart energy data and smart appliances to be combined to create a service that allows users to control their appliances based on their needs and preferences and also based on information about their energy consumption and spend.

“Chameleon Technology is focused on how real-time energy data can unlock the benefits of smart technology”

Mike Woodhall, Managing Director of Chameleon Technology added, “Chameleon Technology has always focused on how real-time energy data can unlock the benefits of smart technology, low carbon energy and the digitalisation of the energy system to create value, efficiencies, comfort and carbon and cost savings for consumers and businesses. Working with Samsung and Bulb on SmartThings Energy Control gives us the opportunity to integrate real-time energy data with smart home technology. This will enable households to save energy, spend less, improve their comfort and convenience and contribute to achieving carbon reduction and Net Zero targets.”

“Digital technology can help to create behaviour change to really make a difference”

Teg Dosanjh, Director of Connected Living, Samsung Electronics UK and Ireland, commented: “We know that up to 50 percent of an individual’s carbon footprint is created in the home. While smart meters help increase awareness of energy usage, digital technology can help to create the behaviour changes required to really make a difference to people’s pockets and their carbon footprint. With SmartThings Energy Control, we’re taking energy data off the wall and putting it into people’s hands. This innovation takes us into a new era of smart when it comes to energy management. It’s about enabling access to that data in a way that feels natural to people so households are more empowered to make informed decisions about how to reduce and when to use their energy.”

“This new tool will help Bulb members use less energy, save on their bills and lower carbon emissions”

Hayden Wood, CEO of Bulb commented: “Smart meters are a foundational element in making energy simpler, cheaper and greener. To make the most of them, our members need useful digital tools to help them understand their energy usage. That’s why we’re excited to announce this new tool which will help our members to use less energy, save on their bills and lower carbon emissions.”

SmartThings Energy Control will add more features, value and convenience over time so users can make greener energy decisions

Demand for power is at its peak between 4 and 7pm in the UK. Energy at this time is expensive and carbon-intensive, as this high demand is met mostly by burning fossil fuels. In the next few months the app will integrate with Bulb’s Smart Tariff and advise members how much they’ll be able to save if they shift some of their energy use out of the peak hours, the most expensive parts of the day. As well as reporting on how much energy usage costs, the app will also provide data on carbon intensity so households can make greener decisions about when to use energy. Running pre-set oven programmes or dishwasher cycles outside of peak hours will help people to use energy at greener, cheaper times, helping members to save on their energy bills and lower their carbon impact.

In addition, SmartThings Energy Control is not just a service for the bill-payer as it enables the whole household to get involved and individually see the impact of collective changes day by day. By working together, the whole household can reduce their overall cost and carbon impact without compromising bill-payer privacy or control.

SmartThings Energy Control is available today to Bulb members

SmartThings Energy Control is available today to current members of Bulb with a second-generation smart meter installed. These members can simply download the SmartThings app on an iOS or Android device and get going. Bulb also welcomes new members who’d like to sign up for affordable, renewable energy. These members will need to have a second-generation smart meter installed before they can use the SmartThings service. Not all homes are suitable for smart meter installation.