“I•VIE, how’s

my energy?”

The first intelligent voice
interface for energy customers


“I•VIE, how’s my energy?”

The first intelligent voice
interface for energy customer

Based on its expertise in real-time smart meter data, Chameleon has developed an energy IoT platform and voice assistant called “I•VIE”.

Powered by IBM Watson Voice Assistant, I•VIE enables homeowners to control, interact with and understand their energy in an entirely new way. I•VIE uniquely uses real time energy data and integrates with home appliance and other data. I•VIE is also a voice assistant and allows users to have a conversation with their energy for the first time.

The I•VIE platform is a scalable cloud service. Users can interact via app, in-home displays and Chameleon’s voice interface utilising IBM’s Watson Voice Assistant. I•VIE can also integrate with other voice interfaces such as Amazon Echo and Google Home.

I•VIE is a layered platform – customers can tailor it to suit their lifestyles. I•VIE can integrate home appliance data, calendar, weather, budget, EVs & PHEVs, home battery storage, heating and cooling and security. I•VIE mixes real-time smart meter consumption and pricing data with these other high velocity data items to provide predictive, tailored, actionable insights and automated controls and commands. This unlocks measurable benefits including energy efficiency and lower bills as well as increased comfort, security and well-being.

When in “eco day mode”, I•VIE can intuitively set the thermostat and control renewable power, home security, home to grid energy updates and other home appliances.

I•VIE also has applications for social care and can provide key data to improve health and care within the home. It can provide the intelligence to optimise the benefits from increasingly more complex energy and connected home solutions. Chameleon is working with Liverpool John Moores University to investigate how real time data can inform patient understanding and care.

I•VIE uses natural language and understands more sophisticated commands and questions than other voice assistants. I•VIE also uses machine-learning technology to constantly adapt and refine its cognitive capabilities to achieve better and better insights and personalised benefits for the user.

If you would like to know more about how your customers can access I•VIE’s personalised insights and controls and commands, or if you would like to discuss how your business can partner with Chameleon to provide even more powerful data insights, please request a demonstration today.