About Chameleon Technology

Chameleon Technology Values


Chameleon received the European Home Energy Monitor Award in 2014 and 2015 in recognition of our innovative designs. Innovation is at the centre of everything we do. As a future-focused company working with new technology, Chameleon champions fresh thinking and creativity in order to develop innovative, engaging and useful products.

Our products stand out for both their unique, intelligent features and their contemporary design. Not only are they efficient, functional and easy to use, they are also stylish and desirable. We use innovation to design products that consumers will aspire to own and interact with daily.


Chameleon’s considerable insight into how end users interact with their in-home displays is a critical input into all product developments. It is essential that consumers understand how to best use their IHDs and the full range of benefits they can bring. In-home displays must be attractive, helpful and desirable, to facilitate optimum engagement. To this end, Chameleon has designed products that are intuitive, intelligent, stylish and easy to use – products consumers are delighted to use and engage with on a daily basis. Our contemporary and beautiful designs are world class, award-winning and a welcome and useful addition to any home.


Chameleon was born of the need to adapt to the changing world of Smart Metering. Therefore, one of Chameleon’s key competencies is adapting to change – technological developments, government mandate requirements and customer needs.

All of Chameleon’s R&D takes place in the UK, giving us complete control over the design of our products and the facility to provide bespoke products and tailored solutions for our customers. We are able to respond rapidly to market changes and technological advances, as well as our customers’ changing needs. Our flat structure enhances our internal communication, ensuring a swift exchange of ideas and maximum efficiency.