Chameleon Technology’s real-time energy data solution enables low carbon community energy gateway pilot in France

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Chameleon Technology has partnered with French energy technology company Beoga to provide real-time energy data solutions that will enable Beoga’s innovative community energy ecosystem to optimise energy production, assets, storage and trading for the benefit of the users, the community, the grid and the environment. 

Beoga’s ecosystem will optimise energy trading for all

Beoga, a French energy industry and government backed company formed in 2019, has created a unique, cloud-based AI platform and smart energy gateway to facilitate and optimise energy community operation. Unlike other peer-to-peer trading systems, Beoga’s platform aims to optimise renewable energy production, consumption, storage and trading for the maximum benefit of all – individual users, the community, the utility, the grid and the environment. It achieves this by optimising the use of community energy generation between users and aggregating the energy generated to allow the community to share excess energy and resources or trade with the grid for a financial benefit. 

Chameleon Technology’s real-time data solutions are crucial to dynamic energy trading

Chameleon Technology’s real-time data solutions have a crucial role to play. Its wireless smart meter data adaptor, an Emetteur Radio Linky (ERL) solution, accesses the real-time energy data from users’ smart meters, via the TéléInfo of the Linky, and uses Zigbee to communicate wirelessly with the Beoga smart energy gateway. Beoga’s community platform can then optimise energy use, storage, sharing and trading based on the users’ energy consumption and production data, the availability of low cost, green community energy, and the cost to trade energy. Access to real-time data via the ERL is vital to provide the highest clarity of detail of home energy consumption and maximise the opportunity for the system to respond quickly to changes in consumption, production and price.

The Beoga platform is anticipated to generate energy savings of 20%

Beoga is conducting a live pilot of the platform, commencing this month in the south of France, in partnership with French renewable energy utility Planete Oui, (as retail renewable energy supplier and flexibility aggregator), the French DSO Enedis, local authorities and Universities. Findings from the pilot will inform further development which, in the long term, will connect more and more devices and users to the community and be available even to those without access to microgeneration assets. Community members in the pilot have a variety of low carbon technologies such as solar PV panels, electric vehicles and home batteries. Beoga anticipates that the platform will generate a minimum of around 20% savings in energy usage and costs for members and allow them to use more locally generated renewable energy. 

“The Beoga platform is innovative and unique and creates benefits to users, the community, the grid and the environment.”

Amaury Pachurka, Beoga

By optimising the use of community energy generation between members and aggregating the renewable energy generated, allowing the community to sell excess energy back to the grid for a financial benefit, the Beoga platform provides more financial benefit, flexibility and choice to community members than other peer-to-peer trading or home energy management systems. 

Beoga CEO and Co-Founder Amaury Pachurka explains: “The Beoga platform features Augmented Collective Intelligence. It is an innovative and unique way to optimise energy as it provides benefits to users, the community, the utility, the local authority and the grid. It also gives users flexibility over how they wish to manage their energy. Members can have full control over when they buy and trade energy, whether they make savings and whether they use more or less renewable energy. Alternatively, they can allow the system to automatically manage this process – or somewhere in between.” 

“Our solutions enable partners to have real-time access to energy data and work with existing technologies for a cost effective solution.”

Dorian Ennequin, Chameleon Technology

Chameleon has been working closely with technology companies and utilities in Europe to develop Wireless Smart Meter Data Adaptors to extract energy data from smart meters without the need for an engineer to install a device. Chameleon’s data adaptors for the French market (ERL) seamlessly plug into the home smart meter via the TéléInfo interface of the Linky and use Zigbee or Wi-Fi technology, to send the data to the Chameleon cloud or another gateway or cloud service.

Chameleon Technology’s European Product Manager Dorian Ennequin explains: “We developed the ERL adaptors for the French market to allow utilities and technology companies to have real-time access to smart meter energy data in the same way the UK market does with the Government mandated in-home displays. We have designed the adaptors to work seamlessly with the existing Linky technology in France, to be easily installed by the end consumer and to be cost effective.”  

Chameleon Technology’s real-time energy data solutions enable low carbon technologies and accelerate the achievement of Net Zero targets

Mike Woodhall, CEO at Chameleon Technology said: “Low carbon technologies and home energy management systems aimed at optimising energy use and maximising energy savings are crucial to meeting Net Zero targets. There is no one solution to tackling climate change, but ambitious and innovative projects such as Beoga’s community energy trading platform, backed by access to real-time energy data, will increase the use of renewable energy, give consumers a choice in where their energy comes from, and create instant and long-lasting energy and financial savings. 

Mike continues, “Chameleon Technology is supporting companies in the renewable and low carbon energy, technology and connected home sectors to obtain secure access to real-time energy data which will enable and add maximum value to their solutions, help reduce carbon emissions and ultimately provide benefits to us all.” 

Can real-time energy data enable your solution? 

To discuss how access to real-time smart meter data can add value to your low carbon or home energy management solution, please contact:

In the UK: Craig Stephenson, Chief Commercial Officer, Chameleon Technology

In Europe: Dorian Ennequin, European Product Manager, Chameleon Technology


About Beoga: 

Beoga is a French innovation company founded in 2019 and located in Montpellier, South of France. Working on the concept since July 2017 and convinced that the new model of Energy Communities has an important role to play in the “Energy Transition”, Beoga is developing a full ecosystem, allowing these communities to become more attractive. Beoga is also able to provide all the services around the creation of the communities themselves. The company has received awards and recognition in Singapore and France, is accredited by the energy cluster DERBI and the French Ministry of Ecologic Transition, and is supported by incubators BIC Montpellier and Ionis 361 and more recently the accelerator Cleantech Booster. Beoga has signed significant agreements with different partners in the industry, such as Chameleon Technology, Enedis and Planete Oui, and also with public entities and Universities, to enable and support its first demonstration community in Le Gard (south of France). This pilot will allow the members of Beoga’s team to deploy and test its ecosystem and develop the future features at scale and in real conditions.