Chameleon Technology and energy data collection company IMServ have developed an energy management application that is being trialled with small to medium businesses.

The Virtual Energy Manager (VEM) App enables businesses to instantly and easily see, understand and manage when, where and how their businesses use energy. 

Real-time energy data from smart meters provides instant and historical information on energy use across a business’ individual locations or entire estate. The App provides insights and notifications to alert business owners to anomalies and unusual trends in energy usage in real time.

For the business owner or manager, the App provides information about the entire business’ energy use and each individual location or outlet. Managers of individual locations can see, understand and interrogate their own business unit’s energy usage.

Businesses can immediately take action to save energy or investigate issues

 Because the VEM App is built using Chameleon’s I•VIE data platform and harnesses real-time smart meter data extracted via a Chameleon CAD, the App provides personalised insights and notifications alerting business owners to events in real time. Access to real-time energy data allows business customers to immediately take action to save energy and money, optimise their energy use or investigate potentially costly issues. 

Real-time energy data can be critical to business continuity and profitability

For example, the App may alert a business owner to a sudden change in the energy usage of one location that is lower than expected or in comparison to other sites. If this is because of an appliance malfunction, obtaining real-time energy data feedback can be critical to business continuity and profitability.

Weather conditions may adversely affect a business’ operations, energy use and profitability. For a business with multiple sites in different locations around the country, keeping track of the weather and its impact on energy usage can be difficult and time consuming. The Virtual Energy Manager App can forecast expected energy usage for each site based on anticipated weather conditions, and alert users when their usage approaches their pre-set budget.

The IMServ – Chameleon Technology Partnership

As one of the UK’s leading energy data collection and meter operations service providers, IMServ has extensive industry knowledge and insight into business customers’ energy management challenges.

Chameleon Technology is the UK’s leading and most widely distributed provider of smart energy displays for consumers via its extensive utility partnership network. The company’s I•VIE Data Platform brings real-time smart meter data and insights to IoT applications for the first time.

This partnership brings together significant experience in energy management and visualisation, and innovative energy data solutions that have resulted in a simple and effective tool for SME energy managers.

IMServ are delighted to partner with Chameleon Technology to support SME customers to better manage their energy consumption

Paul Akrill, Business Development Director at IMServ commented: “Second generation smart meters present a new opportunity to collect data in near real time. With a proud history of high quality data collection which has helped customers with effective energy management plans in the past, IMServ are delighted to partner with leading smart energy technology company Chameleon Technology in creating an innovative tool aimed at supporting SME customers directly. The Virtual Energy Manager app is a tool that aims to help organisations better manage their energy consumption and bottom line with energy awareness, knowledge and power. We look forward to continuing the partnership with Chameleon Technology with synergies that allow for the smooth delivery of smart metering devices and the Virtual Energy Manager app, and we are excited to learn and unlock future energy benefits for the SME sector.”

Chameleon Technology’s Commercial Director, Craig Stephenson, said: “At Chameleon, we are passionate about helping consumers and businesses to manage their energy better. Working with IMServ and leveraging their extensive understanding of business customers, we were able to create an App that gives a new level of insight into, understanding of, and feedback on, energy management for SMEs. We are excited about the early outcomes of the trial and what will be possible in the future using the I•VIE Data Platform and our cloud-based technology and insights.”

Benefits for the future smart grid

Smart meters and the real-time energy data they generate are the key to unlocking the potential energy and carbon savings required to ensure our energy system is fit for the future. Understanding how and when consumers and businesses use energy in real time is crucial to enable timely action to be taken which provides cost savings to businesses, helps to balance the energy grid and lowers the carbon footprint of our economy. Read more here.

Contact Chiko Wade at IMServ or Craig Stephenson of Chameleon Technology to discuss how the Virtual Energy Manager App can help your business to understand and manage its energy better.

If you are based in Europe and you are interested to know more please contact Chameleon’s European Product Manager, Dorian Ennequin.

For more information, download the Virtual Energy Manager App user guide here.