Chameleon Technology has signed the BEAMA Net Zero By Design document

BEAMA’s document backs the Net Zero emissions by 2050 target, which sees the industry agree to take action in meeting the level of ambition required.

Chameleon Technology, along with the wider industry, calls for urgent action and strong leadership from Government to support their commitment.  As participants of BEAMA’s Senior Sector Council, Chameleon recognises the importance of Net Zero by 2050, at the very latest, and that only by working together will this target be reached.

“The digitalisation of the energy industry is a fundamental foundation to meeting Net Zero in 2050”

Mike Woodhall, Managing Director, Chameleon Technology said “Chameleon strongly supports BEAMA’s recognition for urgent action to reduce the devastating global effects of climate change and have signed this document to show our commitment to delivering the Net Zero 2050 target. Technology can enable our low carbon future but we need certainty of policy and ambitious regulation to make it a reality.  The digitalisation of the energy industry for customers in the UK is a fundamental foundation needed to meet 2050 targets and it is critical that all homes across the UK have a smart meter and In-Home Display installed as soon as possible, to ensure that everyone can benefit from the energy transformation.”

We need a clear commitment from Government over policy and time frames

As the report states, industry as well as energy users, need a clear commitment from Government over policy and time frames. At the moment there is a plethora of energy policies being implemented, consulted on, introduced or discussed. The smart meter roll out, the Smart Export Guarantee, EV charging infrastructure, time of use tariffs, half hourly settlement, peer to peer trading, demand side response, energy storage, and changes to the supplier hub model all have a vital role to play. Coordinating and implementing these in a timely manner will not be easy, but it is necessary if we are to reach Net Zero. 

Providing customers with low carbon choice and real-time energy data is crucial to Net Zero

Engaging customers and businesses and providing them with energy efficient choices, backed up by access to real-time energy data, will be central to the success of Net Zero. There is no simple silver bullet, but the Energy Systems Catapult research highlighted within the BEAMA report demonstrates that there is keen interest from consumers but it is important to find out what consumers want, and for that data is vital.

Real-time energy data is crucial to enable low carbon solutions to benefit everyone

Chameleon Technology is at the forefront of this technical, digital revolution and is working along side major players in the energy and technology sectors to create long-lasting solutions for customers to help them reduce their carbon footprints. Providing access to real-time energy data is a crucial step to enable low carbon solutions to have maximum effect and give maximum benefit to everyone. 

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