Chameleon Technology supplies the smart In-Home Displays provided to all Bulb members

This week Chameleon has been made aware that a few Bulb members’ smart In-Home Displays are seeing the language change from English to Welsh unexpectedly. This glitch has been reported widely in the media but it is currently known to affect only around 250 or 0.5% of installed devices. Bulb has been helping affected members on an individual basis with a five step fix which can be found here and at the end of this post. 

Though effective, this is a short-term fix and our engineers are working with Bulb to identify the root cause of the problem as quickly as possible. This may take some time as this is not an issue previously experienced within the smart metering system and does not affect any other energy provider or their customers. Bulb members can be assured that the smart meter’s functionality is not impacted by this behaviour – it will still be logging members’ energy usage correctly. Bulb will continue to update its customers about the situation. Members can contact Bulb directly with any queries.

Bulb has installed market-leading cloud connected smart In-Home Displays

The Chameleon In-Home Displays that Bulb have installed for their members are new “CAD enabled” devices.  This means they have built-in cloud connectivity that goes above and beyond the basic standard required by the Smart Metering Mandate. These devices can be updated “over the air” (remotely), and will soon be able to offer new and valuable benefits such as personalised insights about a user’s individual energy use.

Smart meters are vital to creating a digitalised energy system

Chameleon is proud to have already delivered over 4 million smart In-Home Displays as part of the GB smart meter roll out. In-Home Displays and smart meters provide consumers with real-time feedback on their energy use so they can better manage the energy they use and take immediate steps to reduce energy waste and cost.  Access to real-time energy data is also the key to unlocking future benefits of the digitalised energy system as it will enable various energy saving technologies and connected home applications to provide greater value in the future.  

How to change the language of your Bulb IHD from Welsh to English

  1. Press the ‘OK’ button at the bottom of the In-Home Display, and press right arrow button until you see ‘Gosodiadau [IAWN]’.
  2. Press OK. This takes you to settings.
  3. Press the right button until you see ‘Dewis iaith [IAWN]’. If this doesn’t work, you may need to try the next option, ‘Clirio Gosodidau [IAWN]’.
  4. Press OK.
  5. Select English on the left, by pressing the left arrow, then ‘OK’.