Chameleon Technology responds to NAO report

In response to the NAO report on the smart meter roll out, Chameleon Technology, leader in designing and manufacturing smart In-Home Displays and provider of real time energy solutions, has stated it’s position as:

“The digitalisation of the energy market provides a better understanding of energy use, accurate bills and faster switching for customers. These are only the initial benefits of the smart meter roll out.

The long-term benefits to consumers and the environment will happen over the next decade, as we see further elements of the smart grid put into place – none of which will be possible without smart meters.

Customer access to personalised, real time energy data from smart meters is what underpins the transition and unlocks the benefits from such innovation in the industry.

The smart meter roll out is complex, but the sooner customers and businesses can benefit from this new technology, the sooner we will be able to create a more decentralised, decarbonised and democratised energy world which is fairer and more cost effective for all.”

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